Dogtown Brewing is more than a brewery and more than a beer:  Its a way of living life.  Our company’s founders are rebellious beer drinking enthusiasts, who all follow the same concept that builds a tradition for the Dogtown name:  Take no prisoners.  The quality of the beer speaks for itself and the name of Dogtown Brewing pays a tribute to the local Southern California skate culture of Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

Microbreweries of America have finally taken over the beer industry, bridging the gap between watered down garbage and high quality homebrews, and Dogtown will continue to stay true to this concept.  The company may be new to the microbrew industry, however it holds the passion and drive to expand it’s concept across the globe.

Dogtown Nation is the home of our Dogs, our elite group of drinking enthusiasts that have passed the test of becoming a part of the ‘cool group’ and who never have to worry again about being picked last for anything, just like gym class, because we are all one.  We are DOGTOWN.

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